Our shop is run by the community
for the community. That means you!

There are many ways to get involved.

Even though we have been trading for some time, there are still specialist skills we need help with. 
Can you help? We particularly need volunteers who can assist with:

  • Book keeping skills
  • Helping in the garden areas
  • Serving in the Shop at times convenient to you

If you could help in any way please contact David Lewis: 01572 748 748

Thank you so much to all the many volunteers who have worked in The Shop in our first four years. The commitment of so many has been thrilling to see. This now means that newcomers can start their experience alongside at least one other person who will remember their own first days (not so long ago!) and be pleased to help someone else build up their confidence on the till and around The Shop. Tell David when you could come for a trial run.

Our system needs much support if we are to make this Community Shop a genuinely community activity.

Our Shop – Owned by the Community to Serve the Community  

Volunteers Stories

“ I love working in the shop because it gets me out of the house! It's also taught me a bit about retail and I've made some friends whom I wouldn't otherwise have met. It's a great family to be a part of.”


“ Why I like working in the shop. Just two to three hours a week helps the village, even just helping out when they are stuck when people are sick or on holiday’s. Every bit helps.
The benefits:

1  It gets you meeting locals
2. It gets you out of the house
3. It’s like one big family
4. It keeps the old grey matter working.

Food coffee lunches
How lucky are we
To have this lovely 

Viv P.

“ I really enjoy my shifts at the shop firstly because David is so helpful and supportive, as are all the other volunteers I've worked with, so till and change anxieties are minimised, and goof ups rectified with good humour. Also, customers are always so patient, friendly and can usually help you out if in a till dilemma!

There is also a real sense of community and 'connectedness' about the shop, it's great to meet such a wide variety of people, residents old and new and visitors, from babies to school children to older residents.

Another thing that I value about volunteering is being able to be a 'floating voter' at The Shop, without having to commit to a regular weekly time slot, as being a newly released wage slave we want to go away visiting/exploring.

I am full of admiration for the regular commitment of the volunteers, but especially so of the organisers, Kay (and of course David) of the rota, who do so much to fill in, and Gill, who counts the money tirelessly. Obviously, there are lots more special people who give, and have given in the past, such a lot of time and effort to and for The Shop, who represent a good force which it's important to be reminded of.

(Here endeth the lesson!) ”