Price Comparison with Local Supermarkets

We believe that we offer competitive “small retailer” prices, and take advantage of supplier promotions in order to offer our customers the best possible prices on a range of foodstuffs.

Whilst we cannot hope to be able to compete across the board with the larger supermarkets, we do work with our suppliers so that we can offer deals on various products. A good example is our local Free Range Eggs, where we are usually able to better local supermarket prices.

Our locally baked bread, sausages, bacon, ham and other meats and pastry products are all offered in The Shop at the same prices that are charged in the producers own shops. The same applies to our impressive range of locally supplied and packed cheeses which are on sale at the same level as would be paid at the suppliers outlets.

The Shop offers a good selection of stationery items, including greetings cards and packaging items, which sit well alongside our Post Point operation. Prices for mail services are exactly the same as would be paid at a main post office.

The Coffee Shop offers real value for money in its range of quality hot drinks and homemade cakes. Light lunches in the Coffee Shop are very competitively priced, and several “combi” deals are available.

We commissioned some research in order to compare our prices with those of the local supermarkets. Here we have tried to give a genuine comparison, between the cost of a “typical” basket of groceries between The Shop and several local, large supermarkets. We thought you might be interested to see the results below.

Price Comparaison list_2.jpg

If we assume £0.50p per mile, which is the average cost to run a car according to the AA, if you take the distance from the centre of Barrowden, then Tesco is £4.47 more expensive and Morrisons a whopping £3.93 more. So, for those within a short distance of the shop, it makes sense to use it for convenience items, let alone the other things that we stock that you can’t get in the supermarkets.