We are able to offer pre-order arrangements on many products, including:

  • Fruit & Vegetables – Download the form
  • Daily Newspapers, magazines and periodicals
  • Kingscliffe Bread – Download the form
    (Order Monday to Saturday) 
  • Fresh Milk
    (Including Organic on Wednesday and Friday) 
  • Grasmere Farm – Download the form
    Sausages, Bacon, Ham, Gammon, Pork Joints and hot and cold eating pies
    (Deliveries Tuesday and Thursday) 
  • Nelsons Butchers – Download the form
    Any butchery items, including Joints, Sausages, Pork Pies
    (Usually Tuesday and Friday deliveries, but other days available for special orders) 
  • Hamper – Download the form
  • Fresh Flowers – Download the form

At Christmas we offer a Fresh Poultry ordering service, serviced by a local meat & poultry company.

A number of customers have pre-paid coupons for their daily papers, and choose to lodge these at The Shop and pick up their newspaper every morning. 

If you want to place any regular orders, please speak to any of The Shop team.

Picture of one of the basket here