Other Services

Dry cleaning
The Shop is an agent for “Snowflake” laundry and dry cleaning. Items sent on a Thursday are delivered back to The Shop a week later.

We have a delivery of newspapers every day and you can order a paper to be saved for you to be collected during the day. If you have newspaper coupons these can be stored for you at The Shop.
In addition we have a selection of magazines, again you can order any magazine to be saved for you to collect when you're next in the shop

Cash Back
The nearest cash machine is in Uppingham and so if you're running low on cash, we are pleased to offer a cash back service, up to £50,  if you spend more than £10 in the shop – otherwise there is a 50p charge.

Home Delivery Service for those who wish to choose what they like at The Shop, but are not able to carry their purchases. Order by Wednesday and have it delivered on Friday. Talk over the details in The Shop, or by phone on 748748.

We have an A4 laminating machine in the shop which can be used by the public at any time the cost is just 25p per sheet.

Reserve your order
You can order bread or milk to be saved for you to collect later in the day. In fact you can ask us to save anything for you to collect at your convenience.

Our florist, Amanda, is happy to receive orders for bouquets or bunches of flowers. If there is someone in your life who you want to treat why not give them flowers from The Shop.

Photocopying & Printing Services
You can print to A4 from our computer or if you need to photocopy an item our printer can do this too. The cost is just 10p for a black and white copy or 25p for a colour one.

Internet and WIFI
Based in the Coffee Shop we have two computers for our customers to use, one Microsoft machine, and one Apple. We also offer free on-site WIFI.

Mobile Phone Top Up
Need to top up your mobile phone? – no problem, we can do this for you. Just ask at the counter and our credit card machine will link to any mobile provider a give you a code to use to top up your phone and keep you connected. All you will have to do then is to find a mobile signal in the village!  

Notice Board
We have a notice board at the shop entrance for up and coming events. Inside there is another notice board for regular adverts from local suppliers and event organisers. So if you need a local plumber, handyman or electrician have a look here. If you're feeling energetic there is detail of fitness classes in the area.

You can buy stamps from the counter if you know the correct postage, otherwise there is a weighing machine, which will tell you how much a packet will cost to post. You can also send items' Recorded' or 'Special Delivery'.

Why not set up an account so if you want something from the shop and don't have any money with you just charge it to your account. All you have to do is to deposit whatever amount you want into your account and each time you use the account you get a receipt telling you how much you have left on deposit with us.