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Manor Farm Yogurt

Added on by Philip Wood.

Just arrived in the shop - Manor Farm Yogurt.

This yogurt was highly recommend to us by lots of our customers - so we listen to their request and are now stocking their delicious yogurts. 

So there is no need to go to Waitrose to buy your favourite yogurt, just call in Barrowden and Wakerley Shop and pick some up whilst stocks last! 

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Brockleby Pies

Added on by Philip Wood.

Brockleby's Pies :

These delicious locally made pies are proving to be very popular. Choose from Salmon, Free Range Chicken, Steak and Ale, Moroccan Lamb, Steak & Stilton or Fish Pie (Smoked Haddock). Also available from Brockleby's are "Claire's" Apple or Blackberry & Apple Pies - - just the ticket for the cooler Winter evenings !

Gallone's Delicious Italian Ice Cream

Added on by manon xhaard.

Delicious Italian Ice Cream all the way from Northampton!!

We have recently taken delivery some fantastic ice cream from the famous Italian ice cream makers: Gallone's of Northampton.
They have been making ice cream in the town since 1895 – so they should know what they're doing! Next time you are in the Barrowden and Wakerley Community Shop why not try some – go on why settle for Ben and Jerry's or Haagen-Dazs when you can have delicious Gallone's local ice cream instead.